Once you choose the winning bid for your job, you will need to send the agreed price to the ecoloads third party payment system to be securely held as a deposit. You can do this using a Mastercard or VISA card. Once the job is complete, and you are happy, you can hit ‘complete job’ and release the funds. It is important to wait for your job to be fully completed before releasing funds to the transporter, just in case there is an issue or disagreement.

Ecoloads is committed to protecting both the transporters and our customers through our safe and secure payment system. If you do experience any difficulties, our support team are waiting to hear from you and help. Currently, ecoloads only accepts payments via Mastercard or VISA.

Are my payment details protected?

Our payment system is secure, reliable and convenient. All data is safely encrypted to ensure your privacy. For further information please visit .

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