Ecoloads Code Of Conduct

The following practices are not supported by ecoloads. We feel the below practices negatively impact our community of honest, fair, and secure communication.

Subcontracting - Farming out jobs

You cannot transfer ecoloads transporter accounts and any jobs undertaken by you must be completed by your business, or you as a driver and not be sub-contracted. The legal agreement is between yourself and the customer.  Transporters found to be sub-contracting will be removed from the ecoloads website.

Fraudulent Reviews

Integrity and trust are essential to the success of the ecoloads community. Customers choose transporters based on honest feedback and reviews.  This is also what builds a solid profile for transporters. Anyone found to be influencing, exchanging free, work for reviews, or creating fraudulent profiles, will be immediately removed from the ecoloads website. 

Ecoloads Is Not A Discussion Forum

We openly encourage customers and transporters to ask questions about active jobs on the job post pages. Ecoloads is not, however, a form for threads of chatter and off-topic conversations. Any such discussions will be shut down by our web moderators and removed from the site.

Personal behaviour and conduct

Ecoloads has hundreds of customers and transporters visiting the website every day to post and browse for freight, removal and transport jobs. Behind every keyboard is a human being, and everyone deserves to be treated as such. Treat anyone on the ecoloads website as you would if you were face to face, so we can all enjoy a happy, positive experience, with full trucks and trailers and amazing discounts on delivery jobs.

Ownership of your transporter account

By now you should have a good understanding of what ecoloads is all about, below are just a couple of points which come up from time to time.

You cannot transfer accounts

Your account is solely your responsibility, and you must continue to be the owner of it.  All information listed and jobs bid on are registered under your name. Creating a new account is easy and jobs can be posted in a matter of minutes, so if someone you know what's to start driving with ecoloads, show them how to get the wheels in motion with an ecoloads account of their own!

Duplicate accounts are prohibited

Ecoloads transporters can only have one active account at any one time. Creating a duplicate account will raise red flags with our support team as you may not be adhering to our community guidelines or disguising negative feedback.  

Keep it easy and honest with one ecoloads account. Duplicate accounts will be removed immediately.

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